Serving Southern California

Professional and Experienced Bee Removal and Pest Control

Awesome Bees: Bedbugs Extermination in Los Angeles
Pest Control Expert

Awesome Bees respects and relocates bees, but when you have other bugs in the house, we use pesticides to rid you of the nuisance!


• Ants and flies

• Fleas and ticks

• Beetles and crickets

• Drain flies and bedbugs

• Fruit flies and ladybugs

• Mosquitoes

Effective Extermination of Pests

Complete pest removal and relocation

Snakes don't scare us! We've climbed down into guest deck foundations to remove a bunch of them! And rats? No problem. We capture and relocate!


We respect your landscape and your home, including foundations, walls, and furnishings, but we don't let pests escape!


Both commercial and residential properties are served.

24-hour emergency service is available!


Keep Insects, Snakes, and

Rodents Under Control